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Well, my first thread nothing to post lol so decided to put some Left 4 Dead tips/info
I shall start off with weapons and infected
Pump Shotgun: One of the first weapon at the start of the game. Used for HS most of the time. Tip: To get easy HS when the infected are near, shove them and aim their head. BAM!!! It's gone.

Micro Uzi: Sorry if the name is wrong. Also one of the first weapon at the start of the game. Well no basic info for it sorry.

Auto Shotgun: Hell yea!! 1 of the stronger and strongest weapon you will get. Used for ram pawning, like running into a horde and spamming the bullets on them. Best used for witches. Tip: To 1 hit kill a witch with this, quickly sneak onto a witch and go directly beside her and blast her before she gets up. For Expert need 2 hits.

M16: 1 of the other guns you will get. Same with the Uzi I have no tips for it or info.

Sniper: This is of course for far range kills but still used for normal kills. Tip: Don't move while shooting or you won't get an accurate shot.

Handgun: The basic and default weapon. Has infinite bullets. You will get a 2nd one through out the game. No tips sorry.

Pipe Bomb: 1 of the grenades you will get to use. Once thrown it will automaticlly activate the beep sound which attracts the common infected and will explode in few seconds. Use it during hordes to get the 20 kill in one explosion achievement and also to reduce the waste of bullets

Molotov: 1 of the grenades you can use. Once thrown on the ground it will crack and there will be a radius of fire. Common infected will go running after being burned and die. As for special infected they will still be burned and die after a while but is still able to move normally after burned.

Common: This are the normal infected you will see and kill through out the game. Unlike others only they are like attracted to high pitched sound excluding gun fire.

Hunter: Special ability is to pounce on Survivors. Tip: Aim high before jump so you can jump high and far. For Survivors easy kill is to shove with shotgun and blast. Makes like a grr.... sound when preparing to jump and shouts when jumping.

Boomer: Special ability is to vomit and explode. Tip: Stay at high grounds or highly covered place. Sneak up onto players and vomit or get shot by them. Survivors shove before shoot to prevent exploding on you or vomiting. Makes like a buok sound or like bubbly sound.

Smoker: Special ability is to shoot out its tongue and pull players. Tip: Stay on buildings or far place so you won't get seen easily and pull them. Survivors shove the pulled player instead of shooting smoker instead so you can free them faster. Makes like coughing sound or sound like having a sore throat

Tank: The big boss. Special ability is superhuman strength LOL? Tip: Don't kill just try to incapitate all the Survivor and you win. Use cars to trap them. Makes sounds like the Hulk

Witch: The passive but deadly infected. She does not attack you unless you annoy her. When she gets up and chases use hope you have shotgun and blast her till she dies. She can incapitate anyone in 1 hit. Tip: To 1 hit kill a witch with shotgun, quickly sneak onto a witch and go directly beside her and blast her before she gets up.

Left 4 Dead 2
I downloaded and played the crack version. Had lots of problems for example, game crashing at safehouse or when killing a witch...and much more i have not found out of.

Not much weapon review I got. Manage to only get the main 2 weapons: Pump-action shotgun/Chrome shotgun and Micro Uzi/Silenced Machine gun(Cant remember the name).

But I manage to get hold of some melee weapons like the machete, chainsaw, baseball bat, guitar, frying pan, axe and police tonfa. If im not mistaken all this weapons deal a 1hit ko to normal zombies but has the disadvantage of near range combat. I also found out one thing, melee weapons have more damage on witches and slight chance of a 1 hit ko also.

New zombies i have encountered
Spitter: The 2nd official female special zombie in the game. Spits some goo like thing out of here giant mutated mouth. Don't really know what it does since i had godmode on. People say its acid or something i don't know. Havent found out what sound it makes so you can always be aware of it.

Charger: Some thing like a mini Tank but with only a big hand and a big body. Chargers at target and if it hits it will grab the target and keep on slamming the target on the floor till the target is dead or it get killed. Havent found out what sound it makes so you can always be aware of it.

Jockey: One of the most annoying zombie that pisses me off in the game. It jumps on you then makes you walk around as it wants. The game says resist the jockey's influence but i don't think you can unless ur friends kill it. Very easy to tell its near by, when you hear like a funny laugh for like example NYahahahahahha, beware the jockey is near.

So far after playing the cracked version, i recommend players to actually buy an original copy from steam or ..........

Off-topic: Hi all im back from a long hibernation from the forum thats all i gotta say. And KmL/Admin why are my Mod privileges removed from me?

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go directly beside her and blast her before she gets up.

LOL haha xD


a new forum update will be coming soon xD


lol frying pan


there is another new infected..
the spitter..
its a zombie girl that spit to the survivor..
i dont know wat it does..
but it is the new infected..

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Updated version is good Smile

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lol your mode privilege is removed because i thought that you wont come back Razz
so i thought of removing it for future mod Smile

if you want it back , then just say it , but for now , i dont want any mod , there are still some renovations to do , and there will be test for mod Smile

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