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Tired of tasting bullets? We provide tutorials on dodging bullets or attacks , so don't be shy and read our tutorials on evading!

Hello all Smile

Now , here is some details about weapons in half life Smile

Crowbar . Perhaps , the signature or the symbol of half life Razz a melee ( Very short range ) weapon , you hit the person several times with this . No ammo needed and no secondary attack , About 10 damage per hit
Pistol . Widely used in Multiplayer . Any range , 8 ( or maybe 12 ) damage per hit . Secondary fire , will make the weapon shoot faster ( Fully automatic )
Machine gun . It says here , medium range . But if you are familiar with this weapon , it is good at any range . About 5 damage for every bullets . Secondary attack will launch a grenade - 100 damge if direct hit
Shot gun . Range is effective at close to medium . The effectiveness decreases upon distance . Will blast out 4 - 5 pellets , 5 damage for each pellets . Secondary attack will blast out 8 pellets , 5 dmg for each pellets Razz
Crossbow . Effective for long distance . In singleplayer , primary fire will release crossbow bolt , but in Multiplayer , it releases explosive bolt which is usually useful in short range Razz secondary fire will zoom , and if attack , will hit instantly , unlike primary fire , explosive bolt takes time for it to travels . The sharp part of the crossbow contains a poison that affects the nervous system ( Neurotoxin )
RPG , Effective for long distance . If shoot , and hit directly onto the player , it will cause 100 domage . If you press secondary attack , it will activate or deactive the red laser built in the rocket which can guide the rocket . If unguided rocket , it will travel straight , but if there are exploding things or other players rocket's laser , it will flew to there Razz
Tau . Or in other words , ' laser ' . Effective at medium to long range . Widely used in multiplayer . Primary attack releases rapid beams - 20 damage per beam . And secondary attack will releases , charged up beams , it can cause from 10 to 130 damage per beam Smile
Gluon gun , in other words ' swirly gun ' Razz Effective at medium to ong range . It releases continuous swirly beams Razz 14 damage for each ammo unit Smile
Hornet gun . Is recommended on long range , and when the enemy is having low health . Releases hornet that will follow nearby enemies and stung them Razz 8 ( or 10 ) damage per hornet . Secondary will quickly releases hornet , but will not follow enemies , will fly in a straight line .
Grenade . Throw and 100 damage if directly explode on player . no Secondary attack . Quite useful if there's a lot of player around Smile
Satchel , drop satchel , press detonator button , Secondary attack will drop additional satchel , 150 damage per satchel explosion Razz
cowboy gun . yea cowboy gun , thats not the real name lol , just more easy to say Razz the name is Colt .357 . Range is more on medium to long . Primary attack which is semi automatic fire , 40 damage per bullet . Secondary attack will have a zoom view but for multiplayers only .
Laser tripmine . Yea tripmine , ooops BOOM . This weapon needs your creativity Smile Place this on a surface , 150 damage per mine explosion .
Snark . Doesnt it looks cute? NOT . lol just kidding . This thing in mutliplayer , player call it as bugs . Throw it , it will chase enemies , but it can also chase you back Razz 10 damage per bite , 5 damage per burst.

Source wegame
Tutorial edited by kml
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