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1 Boss Grean guide on crossbow on Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:01 pm



1st , i played in xgn so long but not that pro , this time , i will try to be a little bit more pro , so i will make a guide on crossbow , if this thread have any mistakes or missing things , feel free to tell me and i will edit it .

crossbow , in my opinion is a great weapon , because of the quick zoom technique that is used on other games such as counter strike's sniper that makes me like this weapon .

There are 2 type of fire .

Not zoom shooting

We can benefit this shooting from the explosion which is called splash attack . Another technique is to do a headshot from this , and it will damage 2 - 3 times from the normal splash attack . Another thing is , we can also use this , when the enemy are near , or , they are hiding in a unfireable place .

Zoom shooting

Zoom firing can cause instant death if the victim doesnt have armors . To use the quick zoom firing , Have one of your enemy in your center of your view , it means , have your enemy in sighted before zoom and shooting .

See the picture to understand .

You will see the time i zoomed , and when it almost targeted the enemy , shoot rpg and blast the wall / floor near him , and snipe him ! Usually , when using the crossbow , we dont use it in an open area , unless you mastered it .

For a snipe place , pick a dark , unusual and the place that people seldom go or see , which is usually here

I rate this place : 4 / 5
but usually this is the place that people seldom go , and a good place , rather than the 1st place i show you .

I rate this place : 5 / 5

This is my favorite snipe spot because have health and armor nearby , and the bullets for the crossbow too ! And we can easly hide and get away from the monsters like laser gun or bazooka .

So thats all for now ^_^

Credits :

Writed by Chainraz
Translated by kml
Translat help by chainraz

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